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CRP Synagogue attendance recording for school admissions - updated 13th April 2021

Please read the BES CRP Help Document before registering on the Online CRP system this year.

CRP recording at in-person Shabbat morning attendances will start at BES on 1st May 2021 but many people may be able to get all their CRP points through other parts of the CRP form. As places at in-person services are very limited due to COVID, you should not rely on being able to attend Shul to get your points.

It is your responsibility to go to the website(s) of the school(s) to which you are applying to check their requirements, and to ensure you comply with them. BES will not be held responsible for any issues relating to school admissions.

If you have done CRP in previous years and require a copy of your CRP letter, or have any other CRP enquiries please E-Mail We are not able to answer queries about specific CRP requirements - you will need to speak to the schools directly for this.

Please enter your E-Mail address and password, and click "Login".

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If you have forgotten your password, please enter your E-Mail address below and click "Send Login Link". This will send you an E-Mail with a link to login to the system, and you will then be able to change your password.

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You can also get into the system without needing to remember your password if you have the original E-Mail you were sent when you first registered. This contains a link that takes you straight in.

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