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Welcome to the BES Online CRP system.

This is the 2018 CRP system for applications in late 2018 to start school September 2019. Please note that even if you have registered in previous years or any point before March 2018, you will need to re-register if you need to do CRP in 2018. If you still require a letter from 2017 (or earlier) please contact the Shul office.

For information on the CRP process, please go see the CRP information document.

If you have already registered as a user click here to login.

If you are not yet registered click here to register.

To download instructions BES online system click Instructions.pdf.

Please note that although you can "pre-register" on this Online CRP system immediately, in line with the requirements of the majority of Jewish schools, we will not be recording Synagogue attendance on Shabbat morning until they have confirmed the start date (likely to be early May).

If you have any questions in relation to this process please EMail . The office is not able to handle any queries related to CRP by telephone.

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